How to Access S3 Bucket from AWS Workspaces

AWS workspace is a unique AWS service that provides the opportunity to create and configure multiple access points of a single instance. Users can access multiple AWS services using the AWS workspace. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) can be accessed using the AWS workspace, and this post will discuss the process of accessing the S3 bucket using the AWS workspace.

Let’s start with how to access the S3 bucket from AWS workspace.

Access S3 Bucket From AWS Workspaces

To access the S3 bucket from AWS workspace, simply connect to the workspace using the “Registration Code” provided in the workspace details:

Enter the registration code in the AWS workspace and click on the “Register” button:

After that, provide the credentials for the workspace and click on the “Sign In” button to connect to the AWS workspace:

Once you are inside the AWS workSpace, the following output will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below:

Start by verifying the existence of the AWS CLI using the following command in the command prompt.

aws --version

This command will display the following output:

After that, use the following command to configure AWS:

aws configure

Running this command will prompt the user to enter all these credentials displayed on the screenshot below:

After the configuration, the user can access the S3 bucket by listing their names by using the following command:

aws s3 ls

Running this command will display the list of all the buckets available on the AWS S3:

To check the files uploaded on the buckets, use the following command:

aws s3 ls s3://upload311

The following output will be displayed by running the above command:

You have successfully accessed the S3 bucket from the AWS workspace:


To access an S3 bucket from an AWS Workspace, connect to the Workspace and enter the workspace credentials. Once the workspace is connected, simply open the Command Prompt and configure the AWS CLI. With the AWS CLI configured, use simple commands to interact with the S3 bucket from the Workspace. This post has taught you how to access the S3 bucket from the AWS workspace.

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