How to Accept Friend Request on Xbox One Roblox

Playing online games has always been a good source to enhance the gaming circle as having a vast number of gaming friends makes playing online games more exciting. Roblox is an online gaming platform that gives the opportunity to its users to make new friends either by joining different groups or sending requests to the other players manually. Moreover, Roblox supports many platforms, one of which is XBOX, so if you play games on XBOX one and looking for a way to accept or send requests for friendship to other players then read this guide.

Accepting Friend Request in Roblox on XBOX One

The process of accepting requests for friendship on Roblox while playing it on Xbox One is quite easy, just go through the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the “My games & apps” option from the side menu of your XBOX console:

Next click on the “See All” option to go to the Apps section of your XBOX One:

After that click on the “Microsoft Edge” application to open the Roblox webpage:

Step 2: Next, login Roblox account and click on the “Friends” option from the menu in the left:

After that you will come across number of tabs, one of which is “Requests”, open it:

Click on the “Accept” button to add the respective user to your friend list,

How to Add Friends in Roblox on Xbox One

If you want to add someone to your friend list all you need is to search the user with its username or ID in the search bar at the top:

Remember to keep the search area “in People” otherwise you won’t be able to find the respective player you are looking for. Also, this is the only way by which one can add friends and accept requests on Roblox while playing in XBOX one.


Adding friends in Roblox can really add up more fun in playing online games as one can create teams and participate in different matches. XBOX is one of the most liked platforms for gaming by the gaming community as it is designed for the sole purpose of playing games. If you are playing Roblox games on XBOX one and want to accept or send friend requests, then it is only possible by opening Roblox webpage using Microsoft Edge.

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