5 Ubuntu Alternatives for 2021

There are numerous Linux distributions, and many of them are designed for different purposes. Still, Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions because of its stability, reliability, and user-friendly interface with huge repositories and online tutorials. Apart from being a well-known distribution, Ubuntu is fully customizable.

Ubuntu is one of the easiest distributions to learn, especially for beginners. Moreover, it is supported by a dedicated community of open-source developers, making it one of the secure operating systems. Many distributions are Ubuntu-based but with unique experience and style.

Several Ubuntu alternatives are available, but we will mention the best five:

5 Ubuntu Alternatives for 2021:

  1. Linux Mint
  2. Zorin OS
  3. POP! OS
  4. Bio Linux
  5. BackBox Linux

1. Linux Mint:
Linux has developed a popular distribution for beginners based on Ubuntu but with new features as the Linux community has used the Debian code.

Linux Mint gives a smooth UI for daily use applications such as firebox and millions of users worldwide. It is modern and classic with providing features of multi-media support. Linux Mint is the most recommended distro for beginners because of its simplicity and Windows-like user interface.

There are 3 different Editions of Linux Mint to pick from:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Mate
  3. Xfce

download Linux Mint

2. Zorin OS:
Zorin OS is another choice for users looking for a Windows-like environment. It is modern, fast, stable, and gives high performance while using.

This Linux distribution is written in C, C++, and Python language. The main advantage of using Zorin OS is it doesn’t leak users’ personal and sensitive data. The highlighted feature of this Ubuntu-based environment is it can run on old computers and run applications and games with 1 GB of Ram.

There are 4 editions of Zorin:

  1. Ultimate
  2. Core
  3. Lite
  4. Education

Download Zorin OS

3. POP! OS:
POP! OS is a user-friendly Ubuntu-based Linux Distribution. The main reason it is popular is its sleek and smooth user interface with tons of keyboard shortcuts. Another key feature of this distro is auto window tiling. POP! OS distro is developed and maintained by a Hardware OEM manufacturer System76 and its first version is released in 2017.

POP! OS comes with the support of both AMD and Nvidia GPU drivers, making it convenient for gaming purposes. It is not only popular among developers, gamers but computer science professionals as well.

Download POP! OS

4. BIO Linux:
As the name describes, Bio Linux has developed especially for bioinformatics workstation platforms containing more than 250 programs, packages to standard distributions, and bioinformatics software repositories. Not only this, but it also provides fifty graphical applications and tons of command-line tools.

Bio Linux allows you to run a dual-boot setup which means you can run a Bio Linux system with your current operating system on the same hardware system.

Download BIO Linux

5. BackBox Linux:
BackBox Linux is a well-organized project of the community of open-source developers. It is based on Ubuntu and more than an operating system since it is designed as reliable, user-friendly that provides security in an IT environment to make it safe. BackBox is quite efficient because everything in this distro is well placed with no redundant tool or application to avoid the mess. This environment can perform various penetration and security tests and includes a set of security tools to make the system safer.

Download BackBox Linux


There are many Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, and all are unique with limitless distinctive functionalities. Though many distributions are based on Ubuntu, we have discussed five in this post with their particularities. Ubuntu flavors and all Ubuntu flavors provide an exclusive experience with their own default user-interfaces and tools, and Ubuntu packages fully support all Ubuntu-based distributions.

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