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5 Popular Programming Languages you can Learn on Raspberry Pi

Programming languages are the combinations of letters, symbols, and numerical characters that are written by the users for some specific purpose or applications, and then this script is converted into machine language which is understandable by the computer. There are different programming languages like JAVA, Python, C, and Perl whose sole purpose is the same but their syntax is different from each other.

Raspberry Pi is an SBC (single-board computer) that is used as a computer to develop different web applications and other tasks which are performed by the computer as well as in different electronic projects for different applications like home automation of lights.

What are the 5 popular programming languages you can learn on Raspberry Pi

As it is said in the above section that Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer that can be used for the development of different web applications as well as other computer- tasks. In this guide, we will explore the top five popular programming languages which can be learned using the Raspberry Pi.

1: Python

The most popular programming language used with the Raspberry Pi is the Python programming language. It is being used for building different electronic projects. Not only for electronic projects but it is also used for developing different web and mobile applications in Python programming language.

Python is nowadays very much popular in IoT devices as well as different online e-commerce websites are using the Python programming language because of its simple interface.

Moreover, by default, Raspberry Pi operating system comes with different IDEs which are used to run the Python script like Mu editor.

2: C

If you are new to programming school, it will be recommended you start learning the programming languages from the C language, moreover, the syntax of the C programming language is simple and can be understood by beginners.

Not only for basic learning, but C programming is also used by many applications and websites and you can learn C programming on Raspberry Pi easily by using the C compilers from the command line interface.

3: Java

JAVA is also a popular programming language that is known as object-oriented programming and it uses the class model to program for different applications, moreover, the best feature of JAVA is once you write and compile the code, you can run the code on any platform regardless of the restriction where it is being compiled.

The Raspberry Pi also includes the IDE for JAVA programming like BlueJ.

4: Perl

Perl is also a popular programming language that belongs to a family of two high-level and general-purpose programming languages and it can be compiled and run on Raspberry Pi by installing the package Perl which is available in the default repository of the Raspberry Pi operating system.

Perl is a recommended programming language for networking and other applications which involve user interfaces like system administration.

5. Scratch

We can not end our blog before discussing the Scratch programming language which is a visual programming language. We all know that the Raspberry Pi is popular to use as a microcontroller in different electronic projects so by using the scratch programming language we can program the GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi for different applications for example to turn on the LEDs we will use the block algorithm of Scratch.


There are many programming languages and almost every programming language can be learned using the Raspberry Pi because it is a single-board computer and works similar to an ordinary computer. In this write-up, the top five popular programming languages of the World which can be learned using the Raspberry Pi are explained.

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