5 Best Courses and Certifications on Photoshop

With the digital industry growing, various demands in the graphics industry are also witnessing a boom. With marketing and promotions happening online, there is a need for people who can work on visual media and make even the most basic pictures look amazing.

If you are someone who loves clicking pictures and making them look good, or you want to start working in the media industry, photo editing can be an essential skill for you.

Just like any other skill, photo editing can be learned and mastered with practice. There are numerous courses on the web, both paid and unpaid, that teach photo editing on various tools, such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Skylum Luminar 4.

In this article, we have listed the top courses and certifications specific to Adobe Photoshop that you can pursue to not only upskill but get valuable certificates that will help you get kickstarted as a professional photo editor.

Best Courses and Certifications on Photoshop

Photoshop is a software application using which you can edit and manipulate your photographs to enhance them. Despite a lot of photo editing software being in the market, Photoshop has maintained a monopoly to date. This is because of the efficient integrity it displays in functionality and user-friendliness.

Below is a list of the courses and certifications you can consider.

CreativeLive Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide

The platform “CreativeLive” is said to be the OG if you want to learn anything in the creativity domain.

This is a 25-hour plus course with Ben Willmore wherein he has poured his years of experience working on Photoshop into 21 lessons. In this course, you will get well-versed with the versatility of the tool, along with many keyboard shortcuts and techniques on how to convert a basic raw image to a masterpiece. All of it will be taught from a beginner level, and you can easily follow it even if you do not have any prior knowledge of the tool. On top of affordability, this course offers lifetime access to all the learning resources after you’ve purchased it.

Photoshop Cc: The Essentials of Photoshop in Just 2 Hours

Unlike the other courses that are long and consuming, this course is just 2 to 2.5 hours long, and it gives the viewer an overview and the basic knowledge to help the viewer get started with Photoshop.

If you are someone who believes in self-learning and wants to develop a skill from zero on your own without any external help, this course can give you the basic idea about the tool that will help you get started on your self-paced learning journey. It will teach you how you can navigate through the software and how you can access the various tools for your ease.

It is available on Udemy for free, and the best part about this course is that it offers various exercises, as well as professional project templates that you can download and work on.

Adobe Photoshop CC: Essentials Training Course

This is one of the most popular courses on Skillshare by Daniel Scott, a certified instructor of Photoshop by Adobe and this course has a lot to offer.

This course is ideal for those with a little hands-on experience in Photoshop. This course gets you through unique techniques and methodology to manipulate images and create your own customized visuals at an advanced level.

This course is about 9 hours long, and it is divided into 87 lessons. It will teach you everything ranging from the most common and basic features of Photoshop to the most technical and advanced features. The fact that makes this course stand out is that it teaches all the essentials about Photoshop that you will ever need to learn in a single course series.

Photoshop In-Depth: Master All of Photoshop Tools Easily

This course on Udemy is delivered by Dr. Neuman, and this is your one-stop destination for attaining mastery in Photoshop. The fact that this course teaches everything about Photoshop in-depth in a brief time duration of just 5 hours makes it stand out.

The way Dr. Neuman has structured and organized this course to make value out of each minute is commendable. Another feature unique to this course is that it focuses and teaches about Photoshop only as a tool and does not go to the non-technical aspects. Like the previous course on this list, this course is also ideal for those who have a bit of familiarity with Photoshop already.

Because it is structured and divided into lessons topic-by-topic, this course is particularly helpful for those who need guidance on specific tools and topics while working on Photoshop.

UI / UX Design Specialization

Photoshop is a very versatile software. It is used extensively in the graphic industry, not just for photo editing but for things like graphic designing, video editing, poster making, and a lot more.

The UI/UX design specialization course is a 4-month course (5 hours per week is the suggested pace) that will teach you in-depth graphic design from scratch. At the end of its completion, as their website says, you will be able to design research, design, and prototype effective, visually-driven websites and apps.

It is a self-paced learning course that you can do from the comfort of your home, and as a cherry on the cake, you will get a certificate post completion of the course.

Conclusion: Adobe Certification

If you plan to work full-time in the media and graphics industry, Adobe can be your go-to tool for working, and Adobe can help you have a visible presence in the market and find work too.

Adobe offers an opportunity to become a certified professional in a few domains, such as illustrator and Photoshop. To get Adobe certification, you have to pass a test and have good knowledge of the tool. There are a lot of courses online that help you prepare for this test. We hope you found this article helpful. Check out Linux Hint for more tips and information.

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