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3 Ways to Scroll on a MacBook Air

Laptops not only provide you the compact form of desktop computers, but they come with some extra features and using such features can make it easy for you to work on your laptops. The Apple laptops are one of their kind as they are completely different from the other laptops that work with Windows operating systems.

If you do not have an external mouse for your MacBook Air, then you might have experienced difficulty either while viewing a web page or any document. We are going to explain some of the easy ways to scroll on your MacBook Air and this might help you improve your experience with MacBook Air.

Scrolling on your MacBook Air

There are many ways by which you can scroll on your MacBook Air and below are some ways by which you can scroll on your MacBook Air.

  1. Scroll using the keyboard keys
  2. Scroll using the touchpad
  3. Scroll using the scroll bars

1- Scroll using the keyboard keys

The most common way for scrolling is by using the up, down and left, right keys of your MacBook Air keyboard. However, using this option there is a chance that you might miss some of the detail of whatever you are watching because there will always be some portion of data that will be at the border line of the screen. Moreover, most of the time you have to click on the area in which you want to scroll then you can use these keys.

You can also use the page up key, page down key on your MacBook Air for scrolling by pressing the function key and the up key or down key. These keys will move to either the start of the page in case of “fn+up” key or can move to the ends of the page in case of “fn+down” key. Now let’s move on to the next method for scrolling.

2- Scroll using the touchpad

Some of you might not be familiar with this method of scrolling so let’s see how you can scroll using the touchpad of your MacBook Air. To move down and up on the screen of your MacBook, place two fingers and drag them slowly in upward direction to move down. However, to move up you have to move your finger in the downward direction.

Moreover, to scroll towards the left, put your two fingers  in the middle of the trackpad of your MacBook Air and slide them slowly towards the left. To scroll towards the right do the same process in the right direction.

This is the one of the easiest ways by which you can scroll on your MacBook air, and you can use either the right hand finger or left hand from which you find it more convenient for yourself to scroll.

3- Scroll using the scroll bars

Another way for scrolling on MacBook Air is using your scroll bar that most of the time appears at the right most side of your browser, document or in any folder of your MacBook Air. However, by default the scroll bar disappears if your mouse cursor is not at the place of the scroll bar.

So, you can change the settings of the scroll bar appearance by going into the General setting in the System Preferences as in the image below:

Next you will see the three options for displaying the scroll bar that are: Automatically based of mouse and trackpad, when scrolling and always as shown in the image below:

You can select any one of the options that might be suitable for you and next you see another two sets of options that can be used to set the position of the page you are viewing when you click anywhere on the scroll bar as in the image below:

Again, you can select any one of the options depending on your usage. The first option says that the scroll will move page by page and the second option says that it will move to the place of the page that you are viewing, equivalent to the place where you clicked on the scroll bar.

There are two following ways by which you can use the scroll bar for scrolling on your MacBook Air:

  • Left click on the scroller and start moving your next finger either up or down on the trackpad and if you want to scroll on the left and right do the same process just change the direction of the movement of your finger. Always remember that for vertical movement the scroll bar will be on the extreme right of the screen and for horizontal movement the scroll bar is at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you want to go to the specific place of the page you are viewing then just click on the similar place on the scroll bar and it will move your page to that place.


If you are new to MacBook Air, then you might experience some difficulty in using it especially if you switched from windows platform. The functionality of Apple laptops is quite different from other laptops so there might be some features that you are not aware of. One of the features is scrolling on your MacBook Air and for your ease we have explained how you can scroll on MacBook Air.

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