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25 best HD wallpapers for Manjaro Linux

Manjaro itself is an aesthetically sound distribution of Linux. By default, there are plenty of customization options available to make an eye-soothing environment for the users. You can customize the layout, desktop icons, background of the desktop, and much more. There are many desktop images available, but you may find them limited as per your interest. For instance, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you might prefer a gaming wallpaper, or if you are a nature lover, you will look for some relevant wallpapers. Manjaro has limited support for these kinds of categories. In this article, we have presented 25 HD wallpapers that you must try.

The wallpapers described in this guide are divided into several categories, and you may choose any from the following categories.


Video games are one of the exciting ways of entertainment that allow you to experience exhilaration, intensity, and danger from the comfort of your couch. The gaming enthusiasts surely prefer to have a gaming wallpaper on their systems. We have selected the following wallpapers that belong to this category:


A picture containing text, weapon Description automatically generated
You can download it from NawPic.

2 : Gamer Zone

Logo Description automatically generated
Thanks to DG-RA.

3 : Gaming Environment

A desk with a computer and speakers Description automatically generated with low confidence
Huge shout out to Roberto Nickson for this cool wallpaper.

Art and Culture

Art is universal, which provides an experience of some occurrences across different cultures around the globe without pain and failure. The credit must be given to the photographers and the artists who have provided such an amazing wallpaper.

4 : Spiral Stained-Glass Decors

A picture containing building, window, lit, bright Description automatically generated

5 : Pedestrians and the art wall

A picture containing text, sky, outdoor Description automatically generated

6 : Wooden Texture Beam


Technology is ever-evolving; it has made access to information very easy. In this category, some of the wallpapers from technological advancements are presented.

7 : Computing Machines

A computer on a desk Description automatically generated with low confidence
Thanks to Josh Sorenson.

8 : Grey and White Robot

A picture containing sky Description automatically generated


Nature is the only thing that a soul feels. To have such feelings, people roam around the world to observe and capture the beautiful natural landscapes. This category contains some of the views from this wonderful world.

9 : Lake in a Jungle

A bridge over a river Description automatically generated with low confidence
Thanks to Martin Damboldt.

10 : Landscape

A picture containing water, sky, nature, outdoor Description automatically generated
Thanks to Asad Photo Maldives.

11 : Winters

A picture containing sky, outdoor, snow, nature Description automatically generated
Big shout out to invisiblepower.

12 : Sunset

The sunset is observed at a sight view of lush green fields, the brownish grass gives a unique touch of the view.

A field of grass with the sun setting in the background Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Thanks to Jonathan Petersson.

13 : Brown Landscape under sky

A picture containing outdoor, nature, dirt, spring Description automatically generated
Thanks to Andy Vu.

14 : Autumn

A picture containing plant, tree, silhouette Description automatically generated
Big shout out to Valiphotos.

Pet Lover

Pets are the best companions because they give you unconditional love and do not judge you. Few animals are kept by human beings and these animals are well-known for their royalty, sharpness. Some of the most held pets are shown here.

15 : Kitten

A picture containing cat, sitting, mammal, domestic cat Description automatically generated

16 : Dog

A dog sitting in a forest Description automatically generated with medium confidence

17 : Parrot

Photo by Julissa Helmuth.

3D Art Wallpapers

3D technology has emerged in the recent revolutionary development of the modern era. The 3D touch to any view can provide a way better aesthetics and presents the image like it is observed live. Here we have collected 3D trending wallpapers for your Manjaro system.

18 : Laboratory

A picture containing text, light, traffic, street Description automatically generated Thanks to Tony Tsao.

19 : Cube’s tunnel

Thanks to Stampf.

20 : Cosmic Explosion

Background pattern Description automatically generated

21 : Geometry Shapes

Background pattern Description automatically generated


Apart from the dedicated categories, the miscellaneous section contains several eye-catching wallpapers for your Manjaro.

22 : Train

A picture containing text, subway Description automatically generated
Thanks to Andre Benz.

23 : Genetic Spiral

A group of jellyfish Description automatically generated with low confidence

24 : Books in Library

A picture containing text, shelf, book, stack Description automatically generated
Huge shout-out to mysticsartdesign for this masterpiece.

25 : Hanging Bridge

A picture containing outdoor, night Description automatically generated
Thanks to Jonas Verstuyft.


Manjaro is an Arch-based distribution of Linux that provides a user-friendly interface. To have a better user experience, extensive customization support is also provided for the users. Changing the wallpaper option is the default feature available in Manjaro no matter whichever desktop environment you are using. This article lists down the 25 best HD wallpapers that can be used in Manjaro Linux. These wallpapers are categorized into multiple categories that include gaming, nature, art, technology, and more. The best picks are placed in each category. Apart from the content, we do acknowledge the designers of these amazing wallpapers.

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