10 Best Photoshop Plug-ins for Everyone

Photoshop is a vastly used application by design professionals. Photoshop projects are often complex and consume a lot of time and detailing. Does this make the designers’ schedule hectic? Well, not every time. Photoshop Plug-ins are developed to cure this issue.

To begin with, Photoshop plug-ins are add-on utilities that are meant to increase efficiency and functionality. These plug-ins are used to enhance creativity, unlock new features, and save time.

There are numerous Photoshop plug-ins available on the internet, which make it quite confusing to choose the best ones. This article is going to provide a solution to all those questions as I am going to list out Photoshop plug-ins that every Photoshop enthusiast should have:

10 Best Photoshop Plug-ins For Everyone

I have listed out both free and paid Photoshop plug-ins. You can check out the suitable options for you.

Free Photoshop Plug-ins

Here is the list of free Photoshop plug-ins that you can download from the links provided.

CSS3Ps – Best Photoshop Plug-in For Web Developers

The first Photoshop plug-in in the list is CSS3Ps. This plug-in is the most preferred plug-in by web developers as it enables them to convert Photoshop layers into CSS3. This plug-in is free and is quite simple to use as you just need to click on the button to convert Photoshop layers into CSS3 format. CSS3Ps is cloud-based, which makes it auto updateable.

Major features covered by the CSS3Ps plug-in include selecting layers, strokes, size, vendor prefixes, and shadows.

Camera Raw

Editing RAW images in Photoshop is a regular task for designers and consumes a lot of time. It was first released in 2003 and has been a must-have tool for photographers for enhancing raw images. Camera Raw was developed by Adobe and is totally free. If you are a designer and switch to lightroom multiple times for editing raw images, then you should surely try Camera Raw.

Camera Raw is also supported by other Adobe applications, such as Photoshop Elements, After effects, and Adobe Bridge.

Free Stock Search

Free Stock Search is another free plug-in for Photoshop that can be used to search and download stock images directly into Photoshop. This plug-in allows you to search images from the platforms, such as Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash, from Photoshop directly. This plug-in is quite useful when you are working on a tight budget.

Other Adobe applications supported by this plug-in are Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Indesign.


Pexels is a Photoshop plug-in from Pexel itself that allows you to use free stock images from the platform to the Photoshop directly. Using this plug-in, you can use free stock images for both commercial and personal purposes.

You have access to around three million images and video content. Plus every month, the library is updated with approximately 200,000 files. This can surely help in productivity and creativity.

Premium Photoshop Plug-ins

ON1 Effects

Adding multiple effects to images can be easily done by the presets. ON1 Effects is one such plug-in that has a bigger library of presets to enhance your images. If you are passionate about photo editing, then this plug-in surely going to help you a lot in achieving beautiful filters and cinematography in your images. This plug-in is free to use for the first 14 days, and it has an awesome feature to adjust the opacity of the effect.


BrushBox is the ultimate plug-in for arranging brushes in your Photoshop so that you don’t have to search them every time you need a particular plug-in. You can organize brushes in groups with different color codes and background colors. It is quite easy to set up, and digital artists find it quite handy. However, you may not be impressed with its interface. If you have a bigger collection of brushes then you can go for this plug-in.

Luminar 4

Previously known as Luminar Flex, Luminar 4 is a plug-in for enhancing the images within less time. Luminar 4 is an AI-powered plug-in with the most advanced effects. Along with other enhancements, this plug-in comes with an AI Sky enhancer and a Smart tone. All the filters in this plug-in have their own mask and blending modes that allow you in taking control to be more precise while editing images.

Chameleon Adaptive Palette

Chameleon Pallete is a Photoshop plug-in with a color swatch system that adjusts accordingly when you paint. It has flexible layouts, locking, and unlocking strips, and plenty of other features. The adaptive palette has been developed with digital artists in mind. The single panel of the palette changes as per the requirements. This plug-in is developed by Rico Holmes, who has many other extensions too and also added other features from those extensions in the palette.

Ultimate Retouch Panel

Ultimate Retouch Panel is the best Phtoshop plug-in for image retouching professionals. This plug-in is widely used by photographers in their portrait projects. It comes with more than 200 features including frequency separation methods and local retouching. Other than that, this unique old plug-in comes with features like Color Correction block with 65 presets and 3 help layers to capture the flaws. This plug-in is published by Pro Add-ons.

Fontself Maker

Fontself Maker is a Photoshop plug-in that can be used by designer to convert any image into the text. This plug-in comes in handy for the graphics designers. Fontself Maker has been developed with fine control features in mind for effective designing. If an designer is willing to create his or her own fonts, then this plug-in is perfect one. You just need to drag and drop to create new characters and grab any color you wish. This plug-in works for both Illustrator and Photoshop.


This article has provided a comprehensive guide of the 10 best Photoshop plug-ins suitable for every user. The plug-in selection included free and premium Photoshop plug-ins with features, prices, and compatibility. We hope this article is useful in helping you make an informed decision. Please continue to check Linux Hint for more informative articles.

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