10 Best Adopt Me Modern Mansion Designs Roblox 2022

Adopt Me is one of most played games on Roblox as it is an open world game in which players live a virtual life which almost resembles the real-life events. In this game players get money for performing various tasks like feeding up their pet and working in any restaurant or doing any other job.

Players can also buy an already built house or can buy a place and build the house by themselves. So, if you are looking to buy a house and confused between the different house designs in Adopt Me then read this guide.

Best Modern Mansion Designs in Adopt Me Roblox

Although the list of modern mansions is not that long but still it sometimes become difficult for the players to select the design of their mansions so here are some modern mansions one can buy:

Mansion Price
1 Celebrity Mansion 800 Robux
2 Modern Mansion 350 Robux
3 Futuristic House $2500
4 Biodome house $2750
5 Millionaire Mansion 1250 Robux
6 A very important person house 750 Robux
7 Mermaid Mansion 400 Robux
8 Eco Natural Earth House 850 Robux
9 Royal Palace $2750
10 Container Home $1800

How to Buy a Mansion in Adopt Me Roblox

Buying a mansion is quite easy in Adopt Me as the process is quite simple, but the main drawback is that there is no preview option. To buy a mansion just go to your home and click on My Homes from the tops menu bar and then click on Add New to get the list of houses designs available:

Next click on the house or mansion you want to buy if its price is in dollars then click on Build option:

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If the price is in Robux the click on More Info:

And then click on Get it now! to buy the mansion:

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This is how you can buy a mansion of your choice in Adopt Me but remember there is no preview option so select wisely.


If you are looking for a game that resembles real life, then play the Adopt Me game in Roblox as it is pretty much the same as The Sims game. The list for the mansion designs is not that long but if you are confused about which mansion design you should select for your house then this guide gives you 10 best modern design mansions that one can consider.

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